defrostFresh Defrost™ specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of food freezing facilities as turn-key projects, providing all the required know-how and equipment for the establishment of a customized food freezing plant, either totally new, or added on to existing facilities.

The Fresh Defrost freezing technology was developed with a mission – to revolutionize the marketing supply chain of agricultural produce. There is a strong and growing market demand for out-of-season fruit all year round. With the new Fresh Defrost technology, growers and distributors can now provide a year round supply of fruit with a defrost quality far superior to anything previously achievable.

The key stage is the pre-freezing treatment which ensures that ice-crystals do not break cell walls to leave thawed out fruit limp and runny. The Fresh Defrost process now allows the freezing of such vulnerable fruit as strawberries, cherries, melons, all sorts of berries, and more, without damaging the integrity of the fruit. Whereas previously fruit that was frozen and thawed out was only suitable as an ingredient for food or beverages, now it can be thawed to nearly fresh-picked quality allowing its use and enjoyment as a fresh fruit year round. It is nothing short of a revolution.

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  1. November 23, 2008 - Two Israeli fruit packing houses Pri Metula and Pri Har have successfully completed a 6 months run-in period of Juran's advanced sorting system.

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  2. May 5th 2009 - Juran has combined its two innovative processing technologies into a comprehensive pomegranate processing system.

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