Juran has developed a unique system for harvesting watermelon seeds.

The system consists of a Rake which, as it moves through the field, harvests the watermelons, collecting and arranging them into neat compact rows along the length of the field. This enables the watermelon Pick-Up and Thresher to then easily pick up the melons and send them through the Thresher, which slices them and extracts the seeds.

In operation for nearly a decade, 16 of these systems are in use in Israel. The Juran Watermelon Harvester & De-Seeder can be operated by 2 to 5 workers, replacing 50 to 70 workers previously required to perform the same job manually.



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  1. November 23, 2008 - Two Israeli fruit packing houses Pri Metula and Pri Har have successfully completed a 6 months run-in period of Juran's advanced sorting system.

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  2. May 5th 2009 - Juran has combined its two innovative processing technologies into a comprehensive pomegranate processing system.

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