Juran's Hot Water Treatment for Cleaning Fruit & Vegetables is an innovative system that rids the produce of infectious bacterial, fungi, dirt and insecticide residues, greatly increasing the shelf-life of the produce.

Based on a hot water rinse, the procedure maintains the quality of the produce without introducing unnecessary chemicals. Since quality regulations demand that fruit and vegetables must be free of infectious bacteria and pestilent microorganisms before packing, as well as free of dirt, blemish or chemical insecticides, the Juran Hot Water Treatment system allows growers to pack and ship market-ready produce compliant with strict international standards.

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  1. November 23, 2008 - Two Israeli fruit packing houses Pri Metula and Pri Har have successfully completed a 6 months run-in period of Juran's advanced sorting system.

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  2. May 5th 2009 - Juran has combined its two innovative processing technologies into a comprehensive pomegranate processing system.

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