Juran has been quietly revolutionizing the food industry.

With its Fresh Defrost™ new freezing system, it has introduced the first real breakthrough in food freezing in decades, allowing the freezing of fruit and berries in a way that when thawed out, the fruit is almost indistinguishable from fresh picked produce.

It has introduced the first ever automated system for cost-effectively extracting the juicy seeds, or arils, from pomegranates. With Juran's ArilSystem™ the health benefits and rapidly growing market potential of this fruit can be realized.

And it provides advanced dehydrators, ovens and dryers, including the world's most widely used single conveyor dryer, for the food industry.

logo_arilsystem ArilSystem™ logo_freshdeforst Fresh Defrost™
Releasing the power of pomegranate
Technology Breakthrough
Defrosted fruit & berries that are just-picked fresh


23 Shmotkin Street,

Rishon Lezion,

ISRAEL 7536326

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  1. November 23, 2008 - Two Israeli fruit packing houses Pri Metula and Pri Har have successfully completed a 6 months run-in period of Juran's advanced sorting system.

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  2. May 5th 2009 - Juran has combined its two innovative processing technologies into a comprehensive pomegranate processing system.

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